Saturday, October 07, 2006

Grade 10 Last Day

I had planned on taking a break from blogging for a little bit. I could easily write something every day with the stuff that happens. Last weekend could almost be a book, a longish short story if you will.

Today was the last day for the grade 10s. Their final exams begin shortly (if they don't pass them, they cannot continue on to grade 11). Only 30% of all learners who had started in primary school achieved their grade 12 certificate in 2002. Here they are at the post-break assembly. They were singing songs and celebrating with all the grades - 8 through 10. Many speeches were made about setting examples with their behaviour from both teachers and students. For most of them, 80% if last years figures hold true again, it's their last day of school for the remainder of their life.

How do you celebrate the day after being
dismissed two hours early? Ah no, guess again. Nope, not even close. What's the answer Mr. Trebek? The correct answer was A KNIFE STABBING ... yes, A KNIFE STABBING! Two grade 10s were joking with each other (Namlish translation = teasing) outside of the hostel and one thing led to another and it escalated into stabbing. Because this is a Catholic school, the learner with the knife will be expelled. Fortunately he only stabbed the other person in the arm. As I'd mentioned earlier, most of the learners here carry weapons or will use their pens/pencils to stab at each other when they fight.

The other news that I'll
share was we got hit by our first major sandstorm of the year. Was glad to be in the library when it happened because it helped find holes that I need to tape shut.

It did make for a fine sunset.


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