Friday, September 08, 2006

Swakopmund and After

On the last leg of our free, mulit-stage hike to Swakopmund, we shared the back seat with a shy dog.

Dylan, Sandra & Amy striking best introspective pose in the bungalow. Don't just stand there, let's get to it. Strike a pose, there's nothing to it. Vogue.

I imagine this is what the new Albert Lea courts appear. I was involved with coaching tennis for eight years and they get new courts after I leave for Africa. Not nice.

Sitting on the beach, trying to help Encyclopedia Brown solve the mystery that Dylan is reading.

Oh, but we read these mysteries while interlacing impromptu sarcasm. Apparently Wilford and Bugs have some serious issues, which I feel are not appropriate to discuss in this public forum.

Eating at Ocean Basket and watching the fog roll in. Is it fog or mist? And what's the difference? And why am I asking so many questions? I could just Google it!

Amy toasting her fish and chips meal. She proceeded to go on a rampage, knocking everyone out with the frying pan.

Yes, Dylan ate them all. Remember the old "Life" cereal commercials? Well, Dylan is the evil twin of Mikey. He ate all the chips, the plates and then the table for good measure. Dylan likes it, he eats everything.

The breakfast of champions!

Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.

It's soothing to watch the waves crash against the rocks.

We walked by this colourful building on our quest to find Wesley Snipes.

This was our last dinner at the bungalow. Yes, it was blueberry tart and chocolate cake. Amy and I ate most of what remained of the chocolate cake for breakfast the next morning. Chocolate cake for breakfast?! Sounds like a Bill Cosby comedy routine. Wait, it is.

This is what the hike point in Swakopmund looks like. We stuck out, throwing around a paritally inflated football. Amy and Dylan both threw better than Dante Cullpepper did last season.

Ok. If you're from the midwest, look closely at this picture and see why it's included. Hint: why are these tires sold in Namibia?!

Amy after her battle with a Magnum Death by Chocolate ice cream bar. She was happy with the result, however some shrapnel got on me.

In Amy's defence, our hike was incredibly hot. Dylan & Sandra were sitting over a geothermal vent, literally. Liquid hot magma was about to erupt! If Yellowstone National Park or Iceland are missing a vent, we found it! The chocolate bar I brought along was liquid well before we got to W'hoek

Brock had this great idea of doing a 100 hole minigolf marathon. The only takers: Brock, Matt, Amy, Mariel and me. It was a blast! We played 100 holes for N$10! That works out to ten Nambian cents per hole, or about two pennies a hole in US dollars (after rounding up).

Guess who just got a hole-in-one? Mariel doing her hole-in-one dance.

Thank goodness for Megan, Mariel and Matt we have this sign to ensure our safety in W'hoek!

Taz and Beth's boyfriend's dog in Mariental play the introduction dance. Taz won.

Patrick cutting up those pungent white onions, thereby taking one for the team. Eating one small piece will make you cry.

Megan and Sandra putting the finishing touches on the "toasties." They are bread, cheese, onion, tomato and whatever spices you want to put on them. Bake them in an oven until the bread is toasted. Yummy!

Dylan stirring the truffles. They're not the real kind of truffles, but they tasted great. A bit like artichoke heart.

Waiting at the Gibeon hike point in the middle of a dust storm. I got a free hike out of it because I looked pitiful enough.

Some clever marketing by Pepsi.

Don't those names just make you laugh?

With the power and water off in Gibeon, I have three new visitors for a while. Taz acts just like a human sometimes.

This is what we volunteers do a lot of the time ... read.

Vegetable pasta with a peanut sauce. In place of lemon juice, we used Oros Orange (unsweetened). Mix with peanut butter and cayenne pepper and it doesn't taste bad.


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