Friday, September 08, 2006

August and Everything After ... Pictures

Carrie trying to keep warm on the sailboat in Luderitz

A rare picture of me!

Jason enjoying his beverage at Uschi's in Keetmanshoop

Erikka and Janet too

The BEST pizza in Namibia, no question

Here fishy, fishy, keys? Me trying to fish the keys to the burglar bars. I accidentally locked myself out of Jay&Shoni's.

In W'hoek for medical, watching some dvds at the pad

And then out for some ice cream!

A picture is worth a thousand flavours!

Jay enjoying his spaghetti ice cream

Jay, Megan and Beth getting caffeinated beverages at Snob, a new coffee shop in W'hoek.

When you live in a desert, you appreciate anything that's not the colour of sand. Missing those deciduous trees.

How do you spell Heaven?

S - H - O - W - E - R
(with hot water!)

The big dinner at Jeff's house (Country Director) during first week. Look at the size of his cat! It's huge!!

I'll post the next wave of pictures tomorrow morning. I gotta get some sleep and tend to Taz, my furry roommate for the next couple days.


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