Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pics of the Windhoek Seige

I know, I know ... this pic was from the cat-sitting weekend. Had to put it on the blog

If Brock only had a caliper, he could compare the size of the M&M peanut with the faux M&M. The blindfold taste test wasn't enough.

Avacado, bacon and banana pizza. All you can eat buffet. Taking pizza creativity to a whole new level! Right. Led to a serious discussion about opening our own place, titled "All You Can Dare to Eat". If you finish all 12 rounds, you get a certificate and bragging rights. How about sushi pizza?

Your eyes tell you this is just a stream. When you got downwind of it, your nose overrode that assessment.

Cocoa powder in pancakes with a peanut butter and icing sugar topping! Next we'll add chocolate chunks to the mix.

Carrie and Coppelia sitting in the shade in Town Square. Behind them are the 33 meteorites found in the Gibeon area. (If you like meteorites and want to learn more about them, click here)

Jason and I taking a walk to the Parliment grounds. It smells as good as it looks No sign of Big Ben, ha ha (hey look kids - Big Ben, Parliment. I just can't get left...)

Carrie, Jason and me watchin the sun set from the cone. Here's a link to see some other pics of what it looks like and what the ascent is like.

Those pics care of Jason's blog.

Brownies! Add a peanut butter like topping and they are mouthwatering. We polished off the pan between the four of us.

Jason teaching computers at his school. That is a projection unit.

Grade 12 learners deciding which pictures of their Matrix they want printed. Click HERE and HERE for more on what that is. NO, it doesn't involve a Mr. K. Reeves.

A picture of his school grounds in Katutura.

Windhoek High School. This is by where Jason lives & we walk by it every day. The most expensive school in the country. The learners here get dropped of in cars! My learners either walk from the location, farm of hostel or get dropped off by donkey cart. None of us teach here.

The device that lets me upload my pictures whenever, wherever.

Me doing some burning and watching the fake news. Fortunately from this view you cannot see the two-tone tan on my forehead.


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