Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back From Break **UPDATED**

Just a quick note to let you all know that I survived the break and am feeling much better. I found out I don't have "the TB" and that there's nothing that a good dose of laughter can't cure (especially with bad movies, Encyclopedia Brown or Al Franken books). Oh ... HOT SHOWERS EVERY DAY ... heavenly ... ahhh. You don't realize how badly you smell until you consistently shower for a week. I wonder what kind of olfactory torture I was putting people through when I was on a weekly bathing schedule?

I did find that being in the big city was a little too much for me after a while (cars, people, noise and what) and took off like a thief in the night (I didn't get to say goodbye to some of my friends ... sorry). I just had to go.

I'll do the update in the next couple of days, with pictures and all that junk. Right now now I get to entertain a three of my friends (two human, one cat) for a couple days! It seems that their village hasn't paid NamPower or NamWater for a while, so those companies decided to shut off the power and water for the ENTIRE village. (That village owes a "Namibian" amount of money, so to speak. Actually a few others do as well.) I have plenty of water and power here, so the three of them decided to visit. Hooray!! And I get to cat-sit while they take care of some business!!! I miss having pets.

I'd better go. FYI - I haven't been able to access yahoo or google mail (haven't been able to read my mail for over a week), so if you need to get an urgent message to me or just want to say 'hi', you can get me at THIS e-mail account:


pre-p.s. - Ignore the previous e-mail address (mikey@sttheres.schoolnet.na). There's a firewall/proxy setting or something blocking us from accessing yahoo, google and go mail accounts. This one works and I will NOT check my schoolnet mail account out of protest. I'm not sure if I can access my other e-mail accounts in Keetmanshoop or Windhoek (non-schoolnet ISPs).

p.s. - I apologise for the excessive use of exclaimation marks. It's nice to have visitors :)


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