Friday, August 18, 2006

Term Two Break

This will probably be my last post for a while. We officially close the school for break tomorrow (today by the time this is posted). This time it's a short one, just two weeks. My principal/supervisor is getting married on Saturday, then for mid-service medical exam in W'hoek and after that???? We'll see where life leads. Right now I'm just so excited because we get to stay in a hotel, which means HOT WATER!!! I may take a couple showers each day. A trip to the movie theatre ... pizza ... a stop at the Fruit & Veg. As my former high school hockey coach used to say on the bus when we went from our small town of Lindström to the slightly lesser small town (where he lived) of Forest Lake, "Ah, civilization boys!"

The final average for math was 26 out of 100, which is a point better than last trimester. One learner improved by 28 points! That made my day. About the only bad thing is the weather. Spring is supposed to be accompanied by strong winds, which we've had little of so far. I don't mind that. However, in lieu of the winds has been freezing cold. Last night got down below 0˚C! A few weeks ago, right before I went to Lüderitz, it snowed in Aus. Shoulda brought my cross-country skis...darn! (said in the same inflection as the "darn" in the Schoolhouse Rock! Interjections! song)

Take care everyone! I'll think of you teachers back there, suffering through workshop. Ha ha! I'm almost wanting to fly back to sit in on the the bloodborne pathogen session. Nah, I'll take the poking and prodding over here instead.


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