Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Break Pictures - Up to Brukaros

Amanda's in Namibia!

Amanda, Rute and me waiting in the blistering sun for a hike to Jo'burg

A long hike in the desert and no aircon make us all smiles.

Offloading the liquid fat near Jo'burg

Is that a nucular ... er ... a nuclear power plant?

At Rowe's, preparing the feast!

Which was just this steak.

The family with one missing (Brad) and one new member - Silas, my new nephew. Me, Amy, Silas, Brian and mom

The grandparents, Amy and Silas

Back to Africa. The "pool room" at Dylan and Sandra's flat.

Starting our way to hike Brukaros

Dylan doing a 14-point turn. The road was so bad we couldn't drive up any further. Sandra, Partick and Eric help guide.


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