Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Break Pictures - Up to Greiters

Hanging outside of Rute's place in Otavi, watching the sunset.

Choose your own caption here. Yeah, she's fun to hang around!


The Group 26ers, community based training in Grootfontien. They're in the Kavango now. We're introducing ourselves to the learners.

Putting in some classroom time. It seems like we're always training for something.

And NamPower just recently spent a few weeks installing streetlights to the entire village here. So how's using more power going to help us pay out bills?

The 50 ton Hoba meteorite!

Taking a midservice break, checking out the Mentos and Coke reaction.

Frisbee pool tricks during some down time.

Add chicken fighting and a new pool activity, the joust.

Carl giving me a piggy-back ride to my pad with Jay-Z spotting. I musta looked tired.

Listening to Mitch Hedberg by the pool before the big dinner.

The cooks preparing the meal. Every pot had a different meat in it!

The women who keep us full.

The education group pic with Greiter's staff. Probably the last time we'll all be together before COS.

Some after-the-dinner traditional dancing.


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