Monday, November 27, 2006

Je ne sais quoi?

The "old" runner me:
Shirt - my favourite one, earned from finishing the Hennepin-Lake Classic 10k
- ¾ cut Road Runner Sports shorts for leg movement freedom
Underwear - hanes boxerbriefs (refuse to wear spandex). I've got hockey player's legs/thighs
Socks - Road Runner state of the art ultimax mini-crew moisture wicking sock to prevent blisters. Cost: US$23 for 2 pair. They gave me a colony of blisters on the arches and balls of my feet
Shoes - Asics Gel-Landreth from Road Runner Sports, just over seven months old...makes it feel like you're running on clouds
Headwear - hat. Good 'ol Albert Lea Blades hockey team hat. Back-up was my faded Vancouver Canucks hat with the salt from my sweat holding the threads together.

The "new" runner me:

Shirt - any t-shirt that isn't crusty
Shorts - tennis shorts i got as a gift a few years ago. Not for distance running
Underwear - boxer shorts. They actually feel better running in them
Socks - yellow wafer-thin airline socks we got on the flight over here. Have the ability to attract and store a dune's worth of sand. A sand sponge, if you will. Cost: free. Blisters: none
Shoes - still the same asics. Have put 700+ miles on them, including hikes in 12 national parks
Headwear - bandana (or nothing) feels cool to feel your hair flopping around in the wind

Pics from the Keetmanshoop Murder Mystery (from the one year anniversary weekend):

My character in the mystery was Biker Bob, a former hog farmer who was swindled out of his life savings and his prized pig farm by a slimy telemarketing scam. At the county fair his pigs won year after year he is the county hog calling champion for the past few years.

Jay helped draw that on my arm. Printed the tattoo off from the internet and cut out the letters with my pocket knife, glued it on my arm (as a template) and used a perm marker. He filled in the gaps well. Pretty good, eh?

Jason's pic of me. I grew my beard out for almost a month for the part and found the beater at a discount store in Windhoek (Pep). The facial hair started out to be like Paul Sr. from American Chopper but I decided to add a little je ne sais quoi to it. My hog call brought down the house, as a hog calling champion's call should.

Check out Jason Sears' web site for more on the festivities.


At 1:26 AM, Anonymous dahls said...

you and Noah are officially entered in a contest to see who can grow their hair the longest. You have an advantage: facial hair. Noah is starting to look like a girl.


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