Sunday, February 25, 2007

Au Revoir, Mon Téléphone Cellulaire

Sorry for not posting anything in the past few months. I'll get to updating things since my last one soon. And by soon I mean sometime before I leave Africa or shortly thereafter.

Yes, you'll be able to read all the sordid details of Model School with Group 26, travel with Amanda (am still not sure how we didn't kill each other), hiking from Keetmanshoop to Jo'burg for FREE, life in the fast lane of the states and how I really felt like a visitor, coming back, getting kidnapped by some friends and forced to go to these awesome places ... yeah, you get the picture.

Meanwhile, I've been very busy getting some clubs off the ground, hiring security and doing movie night, teaching BIS (Basic Information Services), Mathematics and RME (Religious and Moral Education), doing the school/teacher timetable, teaching a computer class for the teachers, getting ready to train in a Namibian teacher to take over my library, hanging with a Worldteach Volunteer who was here in Tses in 2001 (also met a RPCV who served in Malawi, currently in W'hoek and is from Robbinsdale, MN), helping other PVCs with planning some camps and trying to stay in shape while also nursing myself back to health. I slept 16 hours when I was in Windhoek for Camp GLOW planning Saturday. I was awake for the meeting or I may have dreamed I was awake. I'm staying in bed tomorrow and possibly Tuesday.

About the title of this. In case you haven't heard, my cell phone got privatized and I don't have plans to replace it. Why not? I like the freedom and also $$$. The first month of being back at my site the power went out an average of three times during the week and on every weekend! The worst was three times in a day, all right before or during when I was cooking some food.

Anyways, all the food in my fridge went bad - milk, eggs, chicken, cheese, yoghurt ... you name it. We're talking about replacing these things multiple times. All to a total of at least N$300. This current weekend is the first one where I've had power the entire weekend. Go me.

The silver lining? My principal talked to the hostel cooks and they're letting me eat for free! A break snack, lunch and dinner. That brings my expenses down to almost nothing :)

The days left count: fewer than 300!


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