Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Break Pictures - Sos to Waterburg

One of the best pics of Dylan taken. We're climbing down to walk in the Sesreim Canyon.

Here's the canyon

Eric and I were trying to see how far down we could jump

Why walk back on top of the dune when you can jump down just as easily?


The erased part said, "What about George?"

The world's first neapolitan doughnut

and me eating it for lunch

sunset at the Tug restaurant in Swakop

Waterburg Plateau

Looking out from on top of the plateau

What the hell is that thing? It was in the pool with us!

Finishing the evening like almost every other on the camping trip - watching some sort of movie on our laptop computers. We added in smores this night.


At 8:57 PM, Blogger Ben Guest said...


I taught in Tses with Peace Corps in 1999. I'd love to see some pics of Tses.


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