Friday, August 24, 2007

On Vactation

Hey everyone. The last few weeks have been packed, with the end of the term, creating spreadsheets for the staff to do our marking (and then taking the time to teach them how to use them) and figuring out travel plans for break. Right now I'm in Hogsback, South Africa. It's about 140km from East London and the place where Tolkien supposedly got the inspiration for LOTR and the Hobbit. Just got done with a few days in Cape Town, running into a fellow group 25er. Lots of fun meeting other solo travelers along the way. In fact, I ran into a fellow Minnesotan at Sugarshack Backpackers in East London this morning. Really a small world. Am making up this trip as I go, with the only planning was purchasing a ticket to Cape Town last week. We'll see how it goes or if I make it back to Namibia!


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