Friday, July 21, 2006

These Days Are Just Packed!

I was journalling in bed on Saturday night after an action filled day. I felt so busy - these days are just packed! And then I wrote down what I accomplished. Upon further review ... the day really wasn't. Let's see: made chocolate chip pancakes, typed up a question paper, modified a spreadsheet to act as a gradebook program, typed an e-mail and started reading The Secret Life of Bees (to steal a line from Cynthia, “Hey, this book isn't even about bees at all!”). I was busy from dawn til dusk, or so it seemed. I swear I got more done.

Mephloquine insomnia – On a typical Wednesday or Thursday night, the good 'ol wonder malaria prophylaxis keeps me from a full night's rest. Last Wednesday I put the extra awake hours to good use, reading from 12:30am til 4:30am. Polished off Into Thin Air and awoke an hour and a half later with a couple page creases on my face. Books do not make good pillows. Hey, there's an idea ... some kind of covering for a book so you can also sleep on it, if you like to read in bed. Genius, pure genius!!! Just like Kramer's coffee table book that's also a coffee table!

Thanks for letting me vent earlier last week (you know who you all are). I just needed a catharsis. According to a stress study we heard at the Swakopmund conference in June, Peace Corps service is THREE times the stress of the death of a spouse, FOUR times the stress of a divorce and FIVE times the stress of being jailed. This is Africa. We're supposed to experience stress?!


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