Monday, July 10, 2006

Blog fixed (I think) & donkey carts

(note: donkeys and cart not actual size)

Think I have the whole font situation figured out. Not sure how IE makes it look, but it's sweet on Firefox.

Ok, so here's the story behind the web address:

I was heading out to the library Sunday evening to get this blog started, feeling so excited that I was almost rushing out the door to get there. By rushing I mean walking - this Africa pace is growing on me. Anyway, I stopped in the kitchen to grab an apple. As I peer out the window I see that ... (I kid you not) ... my path is blocked by a DONKEY CART! Their noses were about a meter from my hostel door. Must have been a braii going on, as the butchered remains of a donkey, goat or some other animal were in the back.

Trapped in my hostel by a double parked donkey cart...


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