Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Exodus Begins

This weekend marks the beginning of our end of service here in Namibia, with the first group 25ers checking out. December 15th is coming quickly.

With the start of exams last week, I spent my time doing some final cleaning. All the things I'm taking home fit into my Gregory pack. I get to have the four group 27ers teaching in the Karas region shadow me for a week at site, so I'm looking forward to that - company and stories! Then it's off to help with community based training/model school in Otjiwarongo - I'll be the only volunteer helping there. The sad news is that I'll be leaving Tses a few days earlier.

Finally, after 812 days I got my hair cut last night. It went from being 10 inches long to half an inch. It's time I started to look less like a drifter and more like an employable person. At least when I'm back in the states I won't hear, "Jees, you look like a damn hippie!"


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